Inna Kukhnyak, RMT

Hi!  My name is Inna Kukhnyak.  Do you have chronic pain, tendinitis, or overuse injury?  If so, I can relate.  I have dealt with 2 injuries myself while pursuing my Massage Therapy diploma.  DeQuervain's Syndrome in my second year of education and tendinitis in my left wrist in the same year.  I was so committed to fix my hands, get rid of the pain, and continue my journey as an RMT that I immersed myself into learning new techniques from the best therapists I could find so I can help you when you need it the most!  My treatments combine the best techniques to improve your mobility, reduce your pain, inflammation, and stress.  Full body, relaxation, myofascial release, deep tissue, and instrument assisted treatment.  I can help you choose what you need most!

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