Frequently Asked Questions

On this page are some frequently asked questions about massage, Insurance coverage, payment, etc.  If you have any other questions not covered here, don't hesitate to call us in the office at 204-415-1587 or use our contact page to submit any comments or questions.

Insurance and Direct Billing

Q: How much coverage do I have left for the year?

A: We can keep track of your insurance to the best of our ability but your insurance is your responsibility.  We direct bill insurance as a courtesy and we do not have full access to the amounts you may have left on your plan for the year.

Q: What companies do you direct bill?

A: Each therapist is an Independent Contractor, not an Employee of My Massage.  The therapist can choose which companies they decide to bill or not.  Our insurance page states which therapist direct bills for which companies. 

Q: Can I claim a No Show or Late Cancellation fee on my insurance?

A: No.  The insurance companies do not cover late fees or missed appointment fees.  We can still give you a receipt for paying the fee, but it will be ineligible for reimbursement.

Q: Are all the massage services offered at the clinic covered by Insurance?

A: All of our services are covered by insurance.  We will direct bill under your insurance coverage for any massage treatment you receive.  The only exception is the infant massage classes.


Q: Is it safe to enter the clinic?

A: Yes.  Our therapists are aware of the protocols set in place by public health and our clinic gets sanitized daily and after clients contact any surfaces.  We prescreen everyone who comes in for treatment with the healthlinks questionaire and we have an infrared thermometer at the counter.

Q: If i have tested positive for COVID-19 and have recovered, can I still come for an appointment?

A: This is purely the decision of the therapist taking the appointment.  Therapists can refuse admission if they do not feel comfortable.  If you have been cleared to go back to "normal" by public health and a pandemic nurse, you are clear to receive treatment.  Symptoms must be gone and fever must be gone for at least 24 hours without medicinal aide.

Q: I am waiting for test results, should I be canceling my appointment in the mean time?

A: Short answer is Yes.  If you have an appointment in the next couple of days but are waiting on test results, it is advised that you cancel right away to avoid late cancelling.

Cancellation Fees

Q: When can a fee be charged to me if I cancel?

A: If you cancel after the 24 hour mark of your appointment, a fee of 100% of your total appointment will be charged.  If you reschedule it is still considered a cancellation as it still leaves a space in the therapists schedule for the day.

Q: What if I forget to show up to my appointment?

A: At My Massage Therapy we have a paperless online secure system that sends you an email or a text message reminding you of your appointment.  It is not the responsibility of the therapist to send out extra reminders.  If you do not show up to your appointment 100% of the total appointment is invoiced.

Q: If I have an outstanding fee can I still book another appointment?

A: No.  You must arrange to pay your fees before you can book another appointment.

Q: If my insurance won't go through and I cannot pay for my appointment can I cancel last minute?

A: No.  This would still be considered a late cancellation.  Direct billing is a courtesy the therapists provide if they so choose and some situations are out of our control.  If your insurance will not pay, you are responsible for paying your therapist up front and we can issue a receipt that you can later submit for reimbursement


Q: What type of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Cash, E-Transfer, Debit, and Credit.  Therapists may ask for cash and debit over credit due to fees being higher for credit.

Q: Is tipping your therapists expected?

A: No.  We do not expect tips whatsoever.  We do appreciate if a client leaves us tips, but we are healthcare.  Tips are not mandatory, expected and you are not obligated to do so.  We are not offended either if a client wishes to leave us a tip.  It is very appreciated but never expected.

Infant Massage Sessions With Randi

Q: What is the cut-off age for the infant massage class?

A: The cut-off for the infant massage class is one year old, or “pre-mobile” infants. After this age it is difficult for parents to learn infant massage in a group setting, as many babies don’t know what to expect and would rather crawl, run around or play. This is not to say that you cannot massage your baby after one year of age; in the class you will learn how to adapt the massage for toddlers, children and teens so you may continue to massage your child as (s)he grows.

Q: Is there an additional fee if my spouse wants to attend the class with me?

A: No. The fee for the class covers one or both parents, so there’s no need to pay extra if your spouse wants to be involved as well!

Q: During an infant massage class, will you be massaging my baby?

A: The purpose of an infant massage class is to teach you how to massage your own little one. Because infant massage promotes bonding and attachment, it is recommended that you as a parent or caregiver provide massage to your infant before anyone else. In addition, you benefit from the hormonal and non-verbal communicative effects of massaging your little one which I encourage you to take advantage of. At no point will I massage your baby personally; techniques will be described while demonstrated on a doll for auditory and visual learners, and I will assist by answering questions and correcting positioning if necessary.

Q: Can my baby’s older sibling/grandparent give massage?

A: Of course! Allowing a close family member to massage your baby is a great way for them to get more involved, especially for older siblings. It is recommended that you establish a massage routine with your baby before allowing other family members to provide massage in order to better understand your baby’s cues and form your initial bond. Please note that due to its bonding effects, massage should only be provided one-on-one to avoid overstimulating or confusing baby.

Q: What if my baby is fussy/inconsolable during class?

A: Please be assured that my class will always be a welcoming and judgement free zone. In a room full of babies, some crying is bound to happen.

During your time in my class I encourage you to find comfort and security in being who you are and allowing the same for your baby. You are welcome to feed, change, comfort, rock, walk or tend to your baby while I teach, as much can still be learned simply by listening. You will not be asked to leave the class.

At times the energy of the class may be high or overstimulated, in which case we will take a break for everyone to settle and reorganize before continuing.

It is natural to feel stressed when your baby cries. Please know that everyone else in the room is a parent and understands how you are feeling.

Q: Can I come to class if I am/my baby is sick?

A: The immune system of an infant is still developing which means that babies are more susceptible to illness. In addition, illnesses that seem trivial to adults can be more dangerous for infants. Due to the nature of my class, it is asked that you do not attend during a time that you or your baby are ill; this is for the safety and consideration of the other parents and babies in attendance.

Techniques learned in each class are reviewed the following week, so if you miss a class please know that we will go over everything again, and I will gladly help you to catch up.